Wedding Photographer Dylan McCarthy
Member Of Professional Photographers

Commercial, Portrait and Wedding Photography

Here is a few words about myself; I am Dylan and originally from Surrey but these days I call Norwich home.

I am a commercial, portrait and wedding photographer in Norfolk with a background in graphic design.

I first picked up a camera at college back in the days of 35mm film and dark rooms and its played a part of my life in some way or another ever since. Not to mention, the cost of equipment over the years has cost me a bloody fortune!

Throughout my time as a photographer, I have been lucky enough to have won awards and been published in magazines and newspapers. As a result, this has pushed me to aim higher and strive to be more creative and hopefully this reflects in my work as a commercial and wedding photographer.

I would describe my style as creative, engaging, fun and relaxed- so feel free to follow me on Instagram to find out more. I currently shoot Nikon Mirrorless and use Loxley to print my wedding packages. 

As mentioned, I specialise in commercial, portrait and wedding photography not only in Norwich but both nationally and internationally, so if you are considering something a little different I would love to know. 

I hope that you have learnt a little about me so get why not get in contact so I can learn more about you and your next project.

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