Photographing London Under Lockdown

London \\ Lockdown

London Under Lockdown Photography

There’s a scene in Danny Boyle’s apocalyptic tale 28 Days Later where a young Cillian Murphy walks across a deserted Westminster Bridge. The month is March, the year is 2020, and I find myself recreating the scene not through choice but through circumstances.

The government eases up travel restrictions allowing us to travel more than 20 miles to exercise as long as it is not on public transport. Having lived in London, I wondered what effect Lockdown was having on the capital so I set out early one bright Saturday morning for a walkabout.

The drive into central London was unbelievable with next to no traffic on the road with only the odd bus dotted around.  Subsequently, I parked up and walked into the West End starting around Soho then making my way down to Piccadilly along Regent Street and onto Oxford Circus.  In short, the place was a ghost town apart from the odd jogger and cyclist in all honesty I had never seen London like it and probably never will.

As a result, I was free to photograph many of the cities well-known sights hassle free and unhindered. Therefore, I have put together this blog entry to give you an insight to what it was like in London under Lockdown. 

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"having lived in London..."

"ghost town..."

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